The One who is the source of our learning and from whom we draw strength; Whom the entire world adores and the sages run whose errands; Living under whose protection is heavenly bliss to Him we present our devotional salutations

Yajur Veda 25.13

Sixteen Sacraments

Sixteen Sacraments, as written by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in his book "Sanskar Vidhi", are essential for all human beings in order to live a successful, healthy and happy life.

Due to present very busy and stressful life most people have forgotten about these Sacraments. We would like to remind all of us and specially younger generations about the importance of these sixteen Sacraments in our day to day life.

We are going to write about all these Sacraments, one by one, in detail in future, here.

Our Acharya Dr. Umesh Yadav has written about these 16 Sacraments in easy and simple Hindi language in his book called "Vedic Sanskar Vidhi". This book is available from

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Dr. Narendra Kumar has translated the whole book in simple and easy to read English language. This book is known as "Practice of 16 Vedic Sacraments" and is available from our Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands.
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1. Sacrament of Impregnation

Before carrying out this sacrament, the husband and wife should reach a mental state of starting a family. Once they have happily decided to start a family they should first do Havan with all the rituals.
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2. Sacrament of Punswan

Punswan Sacrament is the second sacrament. This Sacrament is performed in 2nd or 3rd month of the pregnancy.
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3. Sacrament of Simantonnayan

Simantonnayana Sacrament is the third Sacrament. This sacrament is performed during the 4th, 6th or 8th month of pregnancy.
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4. Sacrament of Jatakarma

This Sacrament is the one which binds the Sacraments performed prior to the birth of the child with the Sacrament performed after the birth of the child.
This is the fourth Sacrament and time to perform is the 10th month of the pregnancy when the pregnant mother is giving birth to her child.
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5. Sacrament of Naamkaran

Naming Ceremony. When God created this universe he gave name to everything. Not only God gave name to all lifeless objects but he ordered that all human beings should have a name for people to address him/her.
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6. Sacrament of Nishkraman

Nishkraman Sacrament (Sanskar) is the name of Sacrament in which the child is taken outside of his/her home to a place of fresh air and climate for the very first time.
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7. Sacrament of Annaprashana

Annaprashana Sacrament is a scientific one. This is based on the biological science of a child's body.
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8. Sacrament of Chudakarma

,p>The ceremony of shaving the scalp hair is the eight Sacrament and is known by Chudakarma.
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9. Sacrament of Karnavedh

The Ear Piercing Sacrament, usually performed when the child is three or five year old.
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10. Sacrament Upnayan

This is basically a Sacrament to get a child started on the path of education so that he/she can become twice born (Dwij) in his/her life.
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