Let the earth, bearing in many places, people of different speech, of diverse customs and practices, according to their homes, yield me a thousand streams of property like a steady unresisting milch cow

Atharva 12.1.45

Sandhya, the classical Vedic Meditation

The classical tradition has been to perform Sandhya twice a day in morning and evening. It is furthermore necessary in the present modern fast life. A well performed Vedic Meditation may require 20-30 minutes a day but the following advantages outweigh the time investment:

  1. Mental relaxation
  2. Calm and composed mind
  3. More efficient memory and intellectual functions
  4. Less anger, nervousness
  5. Better relationships, and . . .
It may turn out that your sleep gets better that you need to sleep less. That means, your 30 minutes of investment may return multi-fold.

Sandhya lectures and sessions were delivered by Dr Harish Chandra an eminent Vedic Scholar who holds a Ph.D in combustion sciences from Princeton University.
His profile may be seen at www.centerforinnersciences.org. As his background, the coverage will include classical beauty with modern scientific approach.

The treatment was quite comprehensive in that the theoretical concepts were be developed on the following topics during the weekly Sunday Satsang, with a brief talk mostly between 12:45 and 1:00 pm: You can click on each subject heading below for further details.

Sunday, April 12 - Introduction to Sandhya
Sunday, April 19 - Sandhya and Ashtang Yoga
Sunday, April 26 - Benefits from Sandhya
Sunday, May 10 - Sandhya: Three-Fold Strategy (Jnana, Karma and Upasana)
Classes on the meaning of Sandhya Mantras
Sunday, May 17 - Achaman, Indriya-Sparsh, Marjan and Pranayama My Body
Sunday, May 31 - Aghmarshan - His Body Domain
Sunday, June 7 - Manasaparikrama-I; Going Ahead in Life
Sunday, June 14 - Manasaparikrama-II; Rising Above in Life
Sunday, June 21 - Upasthan Being with Him
Sunday, June 28 - Gayatri and Namaskaar; What to Beg & saying Good-Bye

Dr Harish Chandra has planned some further workshops in the UK starting late October carrying through into December this year. A number of these will be conducted here at the Arya Samaj Bhavan in Birmingham. Please keep visiting this website for further details